5 Things to Do on the Gold Coast

Endless wide beaches and a vibrant night life are phrases used often in describing Australia’s Gold Coast.

It is without a doubt one of the country’s most sought after holiday destinations. The near perfect weather all year round and the wide spectrum of activities in this vibrant corner of the world make it an excellent holiday getaway for the whole family and party-goers alike.

The Gold Coast also has one of the largest diverse selections of accommodation to suit the wide range of visitors to the area. Visitors can choose from luxurious beachfront apartments to smaller self-contained units for families and individuals. Many of the hotels, hostels and apartments are located near the coastline to give visitors easy access to various activities including water sports, theme parks and cruises on the open sea.

There are activities for everyone.

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the Gold Coast. You can escape the beach and take a guided tour of the Hinterland where you can have a picnic by the rock pools and waterfalls. You can also learn how to ride a horse, visit glow worm caves, vineyards or take a trek through the wild bush.

If you prefer to stay by the water, you can engage in many marine and aquatic activities throughout the coastline that stretches approximately 57kms. There are opportunities to fish scuba dive and jet boating for water lovers. With all that it has to offer, it is no surprise that the Gold Coast is top holiday destination in Australia.

Things to Do

There is so much to see and do at the Gold Coast that many holidaymakers end up missing out on some of the attractions the region has to offer. If you want to ensure that you really enjoy your trip and get a true feel of the Gold Coast, ensure the following items are on your to-do-list.

1. Theme parks

The Gold Coast is not only famous for its endless stretch coastline, but also for its theme parks. Each theme park has a quality and attraction of its own. You may therefore have to determine which theme parks offers what you enjoy the most and visit those first. For instance, Movie World offers rides and games based on famous movies and their characters. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting try the thrilling rides at Dreamworld. If you don’t mind a splash, visit Wet n Wild or Sea World.

2. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest and longest-running attractions on the Gold Coast. It was previously known as Currumbin Bird Sanctuary before it expanded to host a wide variety of exotic and native wildlife. There are interactive displays as well as open enclosures where visitors can learn more about different habitats and the wildlife that call them home.

3. Sun and Sand

There is nothing else that draws greater crowds to the Gold Coast than the promise of sun and sand. The coastline features a 57km stretch of sandy beaches. This is a haven for surfers and those who just want to enjoy sunshine and the ocean. There are cafes, restaurants as well as barbecue and picnic areas all along the coastline and it is perfectly safe thanks to the lifeguards and life savers patrolling the beaches all through the day.

4. The Hinterland

The Gold Coast is not all sand and sea. A 45 minute drive away lays the Hinterland. It is a green gem lying untouched in the midst of Australia’s top holiday destinations. This green oasis features cascading waterfalls, glow worm caves and breathtaking mountain views.

5. SkyPoint Deck

Like any other major world city, the Gold Coast features its own iconic tower, the Q1 building. Visitors to the building can get a stunning 360-degree view of the Gold Coast’s green Hinterland, its vibrant Blue Ocean and skyline from the 77th floor also known as the SkyPoint Observation Deck.

Five Ideas For an Amalfi Coast Wedding Reception

Amalfi coast weddings are the most romantic way to get married in Italy. Brides who have Amalfi coast weddings get to enjoy the rich culture and history of Italy, stunning landscapes and romantic wedding venues. Often touted as the most beautiful stretch of shoreline in Italy.

The landscapes offer a rugged terrain, clinging cliff side roads, scenic beauty, and picturesque towns make for stunning Amalfi Coast wedding reception venues.

Idea 1: Sunset Bellinis on a Positano Hotel Terrace
Some of the world’s leading luxury hotels have large terraces that can accommodate a small wedding party of 10-20 people. If your Amalfi Coast wedding is taking place a little earlier in the day, then it is possible to have a sunset bellini reception with hot and cold canapes, overlooking the sea and the cliff side town of Positano. Following this stunning sunset reception you and your guests may have an intimate dinner at one of Positano’s amazing local restaurants.

Idea 2: A Wedding Banquet Overlooking the Sea
For larger wedding parties you many choose to host a banquet complete with a DJ, dancing and dinner following your Amalfi Coast wedding. Many hotels and restaurants have become accustomed to holding beautiful candlelight wedding receptions for Amalfi Coast wedding brides. Many of these restaurants offer breathtaking views of Positano,the sea and the village.

Idea 3: An Intimate Seaside Dinner with Guests
Following your sunset Amalfi Coast wedding, you and your guests can head down the labyrinth of streets to the seafront. There are a few small and charming restaurants directly on the beach in Positano that are elegant yet intimate and comfortable for a small wedding party. Guests can dine on a preset menu that you choose, with only the freshest local ingredients and fish directly from the sea just a few steps away. Following your dinner reception, you and your spouse can take a moonlit walk along the sea or even head to the local disco with your guests for drinks and dancing!

Idea 4: Impress Guests with a Romantic and Private Villa Reception
If you have a large number of guests attending your wedding then you may opt to rent a local villa. Many villas are found 1,000 ft above sea level and offer stunning views. They can be converted to offer a dinner reception inside or better yet, outdoors in a lemon tree filled garden. You can also hire a local DJ or musicians to entertain your guests while they dine on the fruits of the Amalfi Coast.

Idea 5: Have a Magical Night in a Medieval Tower
Your wedding is sure to be a fairytale come true. So what better place to enjoy your reception following your Amalfi Coast wedding than in the Saracen tower. The Saracen tower is a truly unique place to hold your reception. These ancient medieval watch towers were built to warn of Turkish or Saracen pirates. Now, they boast an incredible panoramic sea view and are one of the most romantic places to hold your Amalfi Coast wedding reception in Italy. The restaurant itself only allows a maximum of 40 guests.

Choosing a venue to host your Amalfi Coast wedding reception is foolproof. Just decide what type of experience you would like to have, confirm your guest list and choose any of of these Amalfi Coast wedding reception ideas.